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Meet The Team Behind Sofia Sardo by Design – Say Hello To Denise

You’ve met Sofia Sardo, but have you met the ladies of SSBD? Let’s take a deep dive into the faces behind the business and see how well you know the team that brings your projects to life! Here at SSBD HQ, we celebrate and embrace the diverse backgrounds of our staff and would love to share their stories with you too.

Say Hello to Denise, Accounts and Creative Assistant

Our tiny-but-mighty accounts and creative assistant, born in Australia and raised in the Algarve. Denise brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to account management, organisation and is a fast number-cruncher! Denise balances the energetic energy in the room with her graceful approach to work and sense of calm.

Originally from Australia, Denise moved with her family to the Algarve where she finished her schooling and studies before embarking on an adventure in London that lasted 3 years!

Having worked in hospitality and retail environments, Denise expanded her work horizons and ventured into Marketing, Event Management and Interior Design.

Denise’s top 3 life achievements to date include

Solo travelling to a country she didn’t know much of and didn’t speak the language, transforming a warehouse into a living space with her own two hands, making it a place for her partner and animals to call home and owning and running her own business – talk about being busy!

5 Fun facts you didn’t know about Denise

  • Denise will remember the smallest detail or complex number when it comes to client work and projects – she has the memory of an Elephant!
  • Denise has the innate ability to fall asleep within minutes of turning on the TV – forget counting sheep, pop the telly on!
  • Although Denise is the calmer and quieter one of the group, she sure does come out with some animated noises at work which her colleagues will attest to! It’s really funny
  • Denise was once involved in organising a large Tavira Island sporting event with a whopping 4000+ people attending!
  • A passionate and caring animal-lover, Denise will volunteer at local animal shelters in her spare time

Denise’s most influential books, movies, musicians/music and designers that inspire her are

  • Movies – The Peanut Butter Falcon, Erin Brockovich, A Beautiful Mind, The Untouchables, The Help and John Q – all of which are inspiring films with a moving message or based on real life events
  • Although not a lover of books, Denise is impartial to a biography or true life story
  • Music – Anything and everything with good vibes and a little reggaeton
  • Designer – Macenna, for romanticizing everyday life and building beauty from simplicity

Words to live by…

Denise’s words to live by and motto in life is to do more of what you love and makes you feel creative and happy and take time to enjoy solo moments as well as spending time with those you love. This is paramount to internal peace and happiness.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, we’re excited to share more behind-the-scenes moments, updates, and team content with you. To stay in the loop, follow us on our Instagram page! Let’s continue this journey together…

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